EXHIBITOR Magazine Survey Shows Social Media Valued as Critical Marketing Tool

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – Leading trade show and corporate event marketing education company EXHIBITOR Media Group has announced the results of EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2012 Social-Media Marketing Survey, sponsored by Lynch Exhibits Inc.

According to a 2010 benchmark survey, the percentage of marketers using social media in their exhibition programs has increased by nearly 90 percent.

Eight out of […]

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If You Own a Business in Arkansas, Let DAMG Optimize Your Success with an SEO Optimized Website

Legal Internet marketing is something every company should be familiar with – even those in Arkansas. Running a business without a solid online marketing campaign is like trying to survive without oxygen – it’s just not gonna happen.

Success for a business these days is almost entirely dependent on what goes on in the World Wide […]

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How Digital Age Can Help Your Business Succeed in the Digital World

Everyone wants their business to succeed, which is why people are so keen on taking the right measures to create advertising campaigns, optimized websites and follow up with clients. However, not everyone realizes just how important legal internet marketing is when it comes to building a successful company. Whether you are just starting out or […]

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Internet Marketing Gurus Gather for Ad Age Digital 2012

If you are a legal Internet marketing genius, or just a business owner who would like to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO) and other tricks of the online marketing trade, there’s only one place you should be this year, and it’s at Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City for Ad Age Digital […]

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Portent, Inc. Launches Free Internet Marketing Webinar Series

Seattle, WA – A Seattle-based legal Internet marketing company has launched a new webinar to help businesses and entrepreneurs learn the tricks of the trade.

Portent, Inc., a full-service legal Internet marketing company, has now launched a free monthly online marketing webinar series that will be hosted by Portent CEO Ian Lurie.

The webinars will be […]

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