EXHIBITOR Magazine Survey Shows Social Media Valued as Critical Marketing Tool

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – Leading trade show and corporate event marketing education company EXHIBITOR Media Group has announced the results of EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2012 Social-Media Marketing Survey, sponsored by Lynch Exhibits Inc.

According to a 2010 benchmark survey, the percentage of marketers using social media in their exhibition programs has increased by nearly 90 percent.

Eight out of […]

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Survey Shows Facebook Used as Tool in Divorce Cases

If you think social media sites like Facebook are just fun and games, think again. A recent study by Divorce-Online, a British legal service, revealed that Facebook was used as evidence in one-third of all divorce filings in 2011.

While many use the legal Internet marketing site for networking, business endeavors or just plain fun, it […]

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Facebook Stock Continues to Plummet Despite Long Holiday Weekend

NEW YORK – To the dismay of many hopeful investors, stock in the world’s most popular social media marketing venture, Facebook, continues to plummet.

After a Memorial Day Weekend pause, Facebook stock has reached a new low, trading at just under $29 a share on Tuesday, nearly a $10 loss since it opened up two weeks […]

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Bing Revamps Search Hoping to Become a Major Competitor

New York, NY- Search engines are big business, but Google has been the reigning king of search and internet marketing, with a majority of internet searches originating from the platform. Now, Bing wants to become a major contender, and has now added a new feature targeted at fans of social media.

For some time, Bing has […]

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How the Internet has Transformed Business Advertising

We live in a world dominated by the Internet. Ease and speed of communication is a priority in the 21st Century, as can be seen by the huge demand for companies to create solid online marketing campaigns. As the world keeps evolving, less attention is being paid to print advertising and companies are deferring to […]

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