Why Facebook is Critical to Internet Marketing

If you run a business and you haven’t opened up a Facebook account for it, you are already running a million miles behind your competition.

Social media marketing has become an integral part of any legal Internet marketing campaign and with over 845 million users on Facebook around the globe, it’s time to get on the […]

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Social media continues to grow

News surfaced last week that stated that Facebook got one trillion page views in June, some dispute those facts, but what is undisputable is that social media, like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are continuing to grow. The power to reach millions through social media also makes these pages important for internet marketing.

Teenagers still make […]

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Google+: The Next Step in Internet Marketing Evolution

If you are looking to revamp your internet marketing campaign, getting on-board the Google+ bandwagon is a must.


Google+, also known a Google Plus or just Plus, is the newest innovative tool that search engine giant Google has rolled out with. For those who don’t know what Google+ is, it is Google’s version of a social […]

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The Power of Video SEO

While many of us are focused on the content aspects of our SEO campaigns, we are just letting valuable traffic slip through our hands and letting it go to our competitors’ sites. In the year 2011, search engine optimization encompasses a lot more than just ensuring that you have the right amount of key words […]

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Google and Bing battle it out over search methods

Leading search engines Google and Bing duked it out at a search engine conference held last Tuesday.

The Future of Search event brought together leaders in the SEO community, including Google’s Matt Cutts and Bing’s Harry Shum, who had a lot more to discuss than just the latest trends in internet marketing strategies.

Google has accused Bing […]

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