In its quest to be more than just the biggest online search engine, Google is nearing a deal to buy Groupon, which is the most famous day-to-day discount deal website. Google has billions in its checking account and making a purchase such as this is not that difficult. Google has been doing just fine in this poor economy that was initiated by many factors, government and private both.

Google Spreading its Reach

Google is well on its way to becoming an online giant that understands consumer needs. Most people use Google as a preferred search engine and hence websites that show up in Google search gain popularity. Groupon has signed up 12 million registered users already and it has more than $350 million in estimated annual revenue. With Groupon, Google will be able to understand and learn consumer behavior in terms of buying habits and merchant information, which will help it improve in providing results over the web. Google will be buying Groupon within the $5 to $6 billion range. Google had earlier bought DoubleClick in 2007 for $3.1 billion which was another strategic purchase.

Online Clout

Once again, understanding consumer behavior will help Google bring websites with relevant information closer to the users. But, those websites still have to use proper SEO techniques to shoot them up regarding search results. SEO helps a website gain visibility and become more popular with the online consumers. If a website has been promoted using channeled SEO efforts then it gains page rank as it grows, and Google will promote the website more than usual based on its performance; which is how the world turns in the virtual world.