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Internet Marketing News March 21, 2012

Los Angeles SEO Firm Now Offering Customized Internet Marketing Packages

LOS ANGELES, California – Having a solid legal internet marketing campaign is necessary for any business to succeed. However, it’s not always easy to get started on one. Business owners don’t always have the time or the resources to create an effective online marketing strategy that is geared toward their specific goals, and some marketing […]

Internet Marketing News January 5, 2012

Customer Magnetism Ranked Best Mobile Marketing Company by TopSEOs.com

         Topseos.com, the leading independent authority on search vendors, has released its list for best mobile marketing companies in the legal Internet marketing industry for January 2012 and Customer Magnetism has earned the number one position. Following a month-long evaluation of legal Internet marketing companies with a focus on optimizing mobile platforms, […]

Internet Marketing News September 19, 2011

Facebook adds subscribe feature to news feed

Facebook has grown to be the largest social networking site in the country and possibly the world. It has more daily visitors than almost any other site on the web. The social media leader and ley player in internet marketing has now added a feature the subscribe feature to their news feed, which is very […]

Internet Marketing News September 14, 2011

Videos can offer more engagement on lawyer websites

Grabbing and keeping the attention of internet users is vital to improving a sites ranking with major search engines. Since most people don’t go beyond the first three pages of search, businesses must employ internet and law firm marketing firms to keep their pages visible in the first pages of search. Content is key to […]

SEO News August 16, 2011

Creating value is fundamental for internet marketing

The internet is an invaluable tool for those seeking information and is a great way for businesses to reach consumers. Internet marketing can achieve a visible presence on the internet and turn visitors into loyal clients. Increasing web traffic takes a multi-faceted approach which includes smart SEO tactics, offering quality content and integrating social media. […]